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We booked Joel without ever having met him and heard about him from a random recommendation from someone on the Boulder Reddit. We originally booked the simplest package he offers, but decided at the last minute to move up to the semi-personalized ceremony. We couldn't be happier with how beautifully he told our love story! Every one of our guests commented to us how wonderful the ceremony was and we agree. Joel did a fantastic job!


Katie & Conner, October 2019

Joel made the ceremony process easy and enjoyable for us. We had a small ceremony and weren't looking for anything extravagant since we were planning the entire thing by ourselves without a planner or coordinator.


We first discussed our plans through e-mail, then met up for a brief face-to-face conversation to discuss expectations. Joel showed up on time and was able to provide a very thoughtful, enjoyable ceremony that our guests told us was just what they were hoping for.


Emily & Nick, October 2019


Joel was an awesome officiant for our wedding. He met with us several times before the wedding weekend to gather content to write his ceremony and we couldn't have been happier. The ceremony was extremely personalized and he delivered it wonderfully - so much so that some of our patrons asked us if Joel was a good friend they hadn't met before. Joel was also very easy and fun to work with. Highly recommended!


Gabi & Ian, September 2019


Joel made our ceremony a beautiful reflection of who we are and how we love.  The ceremony was just what we wanted and all our guests commented on what a great job he did. Thanks Joel for being an amazing officiant!


Nikki & Rick, June 2019


Joel did a fabulous job officiating at our wedding. He went out of his way to personalize our ceremony and make sure that it suited our tastes and desires. We are both so grateful to Joel for making our wedding truly special and meaningful for us! Would recommend him fully and without hesitation!

—Laura & Tyler, August 2018


Thank you so very much Joel. WE LOVED everything about the ceremony you created for us. You captured us so well and made us feel even more love at that moment than we could have ever imagined. 


Many of our guests commented on how wonderful you were and how well you described us. So thank you for making our day a memory we'll never forget. And for sending us your poetic words. We feel very blessed to have found such a great officiant. 


—Danielle and Adam, October 2016


I have known Joel for a long time and I knew I wanted him to marry my wife and me. He was unknown to my wife, so she was a bit hesitant. This all disappeared once Joel spoke with both of us. He took the time to really listen to our wants and provided his own thoughts and ideas to make it our best day. He remained in contact with us throughout the process and then produced an absolutely sublime ceremony. We couldn’t have been happier (and continue to be). I highly recommend Joel - whether he is known to you or not - as he will prove to be a friend through the process and a master at the ceremony. Enjoy it all!


—Faith and Craig, September 2016


Joel married my wife and me two years ago overlooking the majestic mountains of CO. We had seen Joel do a service two years prior to our wedding and I had tears in my eyes after the service and I really didn't know the couple that well. I had walked up to him afterwards to tell him so. When we decided to wed, I immediately thought of him.

Joel has a way of taking the time to get to know you and then putting that knowledge to work in his prepared remarks. He did a remarkable job at our service. Everyone that attended commented on his delivery and words of advice.

Here are my words of advice, spend some time with Joel, share the story of your life with him and your wedding day will truly be a day to remember.


—BG and Bill, July 2016



Joel took the time to learn our story — and then eloquently wove it into our ceremony. He was truly amazing. Countless guests told us how much they loved the ceremony. 

—Jessica and Jeff, October 2015


Our family and friends are still talking about the ceremony and your words.  


—Heather and Gio, June 2015


We just returned from Aspen and can't stop talking about the beautiful, moving ceremony. You truly captured us as a couple, and words cannot express how much we appreciate it. Everyone was so impressed by you, so don't be surprised if you receive a bunch of calls requesting your services!  


—Molly & Josh, August 2014




Our wedding ceremony was one-of-a-kind spectacular thanks to you. We were so thrilled with all of it; we can't thank you enough. You are so gifted in your ability to convey the sentiment and feeling of the occasion. Everyone was so touched by the ceremony and thought you were wonderful.


—Lecia & Vince, August 2014




Chau and I would both like to thank you deeply. The ceremony was absolutely phenomenal! We've heard from many of our guests how beautiful and touching they thought the ceremony was and how it was a pleasant surprise from the norm. Our friends, many of whom were present for events that you described, were also quite blown away and had a great time reminiscing with us afterwards. 


Chau and I both really love that you threw in some Assuage lyrics to help close out the ceremony also. We were both caught completely off-guard in the best way. Thank you also for all of the guidance and advice you provided in preparation for the ceremony. You really gave us a lot of peace of mind during the chaos leading up to the big day.


We simply could not have asked for anything more, everything was perfect.


—Chau & Kevin, August 2014




It is an honor to share how astute you were at capturing the intense love we have. The finesse in which you shaped the ceremony to not only fit our venue and personality, but also bring forth that love was astounding. To some, the duration from courtship, to engagement, to wedding was brief. So having you capture how our lives melded together by the unstoppable force known as love, executed with such eloquence and personalized style, made an unforgettable day moreso. 


In the warmth of our reception, our guests shared nothing but adulation for how every element fit. In particular, how the composition and oration of the ceremony was equally as memorable as the day was cold and picturesque. So we have only this to say to those seeking a soulful spiritual personalized ceremony: stop! You have it with Joel. 


—Kristen & Mark, February 2014




Thank you sooooo much for everything. I have to tell you that everyone has been asking me if we have known you our entire lives, and telling me how much they loved the ceremony. Your kind (and humorous) words far exceeded any expectations I could have had. Please accept a big hug and thank you from Ben and I. We thought you knocked it out of the park! 


—Erin & Ben, August 2013




Joel! Absolutely perfect!  Thank you for *everything*. 


—Jen & Derek, June 2013




Joel, what a perfect ceremony.  You managed to make everyone in both our families happy, something I will be unlikely to achieve in all the rest of my days, with your perfect mixture of gravity and levity. Thank you for your special and meaningful contribution.  


—Sarah & Todd, June 2013




Wonderful! Thank you so much for officiating our wedding Joel. We were so happy with the ceremony and will certainly recommend you whenever given the chance. Thank you for sending a copy of your reading. That will be a very special memory for us.


—Renee & Kent, August 2012




You are a fan favorite! Everyone LOVED the ceremony and told us how fitting it was for us. I was half in awe of what was going on so seeing it on paper is helpful. You did an incredible job, made us both cry, John's nose run, and everyone in the audience jump for joy. Thank you a million times over. It was absolutely incredible!!


Yes indeed. It was really perfect Joel. I heard from a number of people how wonderful they thought it was. Really the best gift we could have had to have our friend up their hitching us up. Thanks!


—Gaby & John, April 2012




Thank you for sending a copy of the ceremony, we really enjoyed it and received lots of compliments on how much our guests enjoyed it as well. It was special to have the story of us woven into the history of the Boulderado and into all the important sentiments you mentioned. It was a perfect ceremony for us. We enjoyed every moment of Saturday and truly had the time of our lives. It was the perfect start to our lifetime adventure together. Thank you for everything!


—Shannon & Per, March 2012




Having Joel be a part of our wedding day was so special to us. The way in which he got to know us as a couple reflected so strongly in the thoughtful and moving ceremony that he created for us. We will always be grateful. 


—Kerry & Brandon, September 2010


I am happy to endorse Joel Davis! I was connected with Joel via my wedding planner. I live in another state so Joel and I had to correspond by phone and email to discuss plans, wishes, etc. During that time he was very responsive, professional, and pleasant. We met the day of my wedding. I was relieved and pleased that he was prompt and polished. He did a great job. We enjoyed him. 


Connie & Corey, August 2010




I just want to tell you how truly lovely it was to work with you and our wedding day was everything we hoped for and more, thanks in no small part to your extraordinary ceremony. Thank you again, for crafting a beautiful ceremony for us---we are so lucky to have had you there!


—Julie & Brett, June 2010




We want to thank you so much for the amazing ceremony!  We had so many compliments on what a wonderful job you did. It was perfect. 


We had such a wonderful time the wedding weekend, thanks so much for making it so special! 


—Carrie & Scott, May 2010




As I look through pictures of the ceremony I just have to tell you again -- THANK YOU! 


The whole weekend was incredible, but the ceremony in particular stands out as my favorite part of it all.  And it's because of YOU. From start to finish it was perfect. I loved how personalized your ceremony was with the Prince lyrics, with our stories, with so much humor as we requested, and with the message of Pura Vida. I loved it, and we have received countless comments and notes from our friends and family that it was "easily, the best ceremony ever witnessed" They were shocked to learn that we had not been friends with you for years because the ceremony was so personalized and perfect for us.


You have an incredible skill and were such a pleasure to get to know during this process.  I certainly hope that you do keep in touch!  And please use us as a referral if ever needed!




Just wanted to shoot you an email and again tell you how simply awesome was your service Saturday afternoon. So many people have commented to us about how much they loved it. We knew you'd be great, but we had no idea you would be AS great as you were. You blew us away, dude.


We feel incredibly lucky to have had you perform our ceremony. Thank you very much, Joel.




—Lauren & Brandon, August 2009




The ceremony was truly beautiful. With all the wonderful aspects to the weekend, we both loved the ceremony the most. You were absolutely the right person and we couldn't have asked for anything more! So many guests commented on how lovely it was.


-Amy & Heath


I cannot stop telling people that the day was near perfect. You, the Poetic Justice of the Peace, not only administered the vows with appropriate dignity and sobriety but also presented the finest wedding remarks we have ever heard - blending the nearly indescribable Rocky Mountains setting with our photogenic couple with your/their sacred and secular vows with the guests/witnesses to perfection. My wife Birgit and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We sing your praises, as a profoundly thoughtful and sensitive reverend.


-Loren (Amy’s father)


—Amy & Heath, June 2009




Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job with our ceremony. It was perfect. You really got us and it showed in every aspect of what you wrote for us. And the most amazing thing is that you won over BOTH of our more conservative Mothers - which is huge.   


—Kristin & Nick, January 2009




We wanted to thank you so very much for an amazing ceremony. We were touched with the personal insight as well as your keen sense of wisdom and  capturing the moment. You seem to have the perfect words for 'us' and the setting. In short, everyone was blown away and inspired. Of all the night's activities, our ceremony stands out as the most special time of the evening. 


That's how it should be - right? 


—Denise & Ted, June 2008




Words cannot fully express the gratitude I feel for making our wedding ceremony so wonderful, magical and full of meaning! It was perfect! All of my friends & family were so moved and impressed by how well you represented our love and our story. Thank you! You have a gift!





I'll admit I was nervous about having a stranger perform this very special ceremony and being able to capture what it meant to us. My fears were unfounded and you absolutely nailed it. It was exactly the beautiful, loving, heartfelt ceremony I wanted it to be. Thank you for being a part of our special time and for everything you brought to it.




—Margie & David, May 2008

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